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Peter Richard-HerbertEgo State Analysis (ESA) Workshops available now

Ego State Analysis (ESA) is a psychological theory, methodology and therapeutic application that identifies and analyses the adaptive and maladaptive ego states within personality.
The therapeutic approach of Ego State Analysis (ESA)TM is grounded in eight (8) years doctoral research at Central Queensland University (Australia), and utilises the original concepts of Freud, Jung, Berne and Federn’s work to conceive Ego States as unconscious mechanisms that can be analysed, interpreted and redirected. Ego States are held to hold voice, energy, entity and function within personality. ESA carries the theoretical belief that Ego States firmly exist and are employed as commonly occurring defence mechanisms and unconscious clusters that protect the psyche from emotional overload and supply a function. The therapeutic application of Ego State Analysis is applied through the use of Metaphoric Symbolised Imagery (MSI).

We offer professional courses to practicing Hypnotherapists, Counsellors, Doctors, Psychologists and Teachers.
Available courses and workshops: Ego State Analysis training to Clinical level.

One-on-one life coaching and therapy sessions, group training, parental training and speaking engagements in schools and healthcare centres.
Confidence Australia is an organisation dedicated to teaching Life skills, Confidence Building and coping techniques to professionals, teachers, parents and children.
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Your trainer Dr Peter Richard-Herbert
Peter Richard-Herbert is an EST and RT Trainer and Supervisor,
National President of AESTA and board member of ESTI.
International speaker and workshop presenter.
Peter is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Analytical Psychotherapist,
Psychoanalyst, Counsellor, Profiler and Mediator.
Peter has completed a Higher Research Prof.Doc (Psych);  M.A. Psych  and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
he is a Government Registered Family Disputes Mediator

To see his bio or to make a one-on-one session appointment visit: www.macquariestreettherapy.com.au/peter-richard-herbert/  
Peter has a practise in Bowral, Southern Highlands, NSW and rooms on North Sydney.