About Us

Confidence Australia offers a variety options to improve quality of life through learning how to be confident in any situation.

Confidence in our lives has a major impact on our functioning and what it means to be successful in any situation. Confidence is a very important personality component. What confidence really means is being totally comfortable in the things you do day to day.

We train you to access this confidence thereby improving all future avenues whether it be in school, a work situation or in a relationship.

Confidence Australia offers professional courses to practicing Counsellors, Doctors, Psychologists and Teachers.
We offer one-on-one therapy sessions, group training, parental training and speaking engagements in schools and healthcare centres.
Confidence Australia is an organisation dedicated to teaching Life skills, Confidence Building and coping techniques to professionals, teachers, parents and children.

Our confidence comes from two main sources, internally based confidence and externally based confidence. External confidence is fragile and relies on external components that are not part of our control such as latest technology, prestigious cars, money and high profile social events. Internally based confidence however is more solid and comes from a history of personal achievement, the depth of deeds well done, or success from personal endeavour. For example; sports, school or work situations or respect within a family. Internal confidence comes from within. This is the type of confidence that I highlight and coach people to nurture, develop and rely on. To grow this type of confidence, call for a chat about an individual session or to join one of our groups.

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Your trainer Peter Richard-Herbert
Peter Richard-Herbert is an EST and RT Trainer and Supervisor,
National President of AESTA and board member of ESTI.
International speaker and workshop presenter.
Peter is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Analytical Psychotherapist,
Psychoanalyst, Counsellor, Profiler and Mediator.
He holds a M.A. Psych  and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

To see his bio or to make a one-on-one session appointment visit: www.macquariestreettherapy.com.au/peter-richard-herbert/  
Peter has a practise in Bowral, Southern Highlands, NSW and rooms on North Sydney.