Courses and Workshops:

The concept of confidence in our lives has a major impact on our functioning and what it means to be successful in any given situation, in this sense confidence is a very important personality component. Because what confidence really means is being totally comfortable with something whether it be interacting with other people or performing a task such as work, playing a musical instrument or simply driving a car. These can be things we need in our lives and are comfortable with on a daily basis.

Access a course, group or individual session and find immediate improvement in areas that will be of life long benefit to you.

Individual session (1.5hour)
Series of 4 individual sessions (1 hour duration each)
Group or family session (max 6 people)
Series of 4 Group sessions (1 hour duration each)
Parental Training session: “Raise a confident child”
School Presentation. (2 hour talk for teachers/parents/high school children)
Healthcare Presentation: (outlining services and methods to GP practises and healthcare professionals (max 20 people)

Workshops: One and two day intense workshops for healthcare professionals, teachers, parents and individuals over 18years.